D Slavovich Ratz: South Ossetia - any incident gets violence out of control RESPONSE

Georgia was a Republic within our country with Russia.  South Ossetia was within this Russian Country.  Both South Ossetia, and Georgia received their independence at the same time, little over a decade ago.  Ossetians are not Georgians, and neither is the Russian majority that lives in South Ossetia.

Why do Georgians think they should dominate Ossetians?  By same logic we should dominate Georgia.  However, that is not our logic. 

We even left Chechnya (Sovereign Russia), and only came back after it attacked (INVADED!) with military aggression our Dagestan region.  South Ossetians do not sponsor terrorist attacks within Georgia.  Why Do Georgians feel the need to subdue a friendly people that are no threat to anyone, that number few, and that existed separate from Russia just as long as they!  Might makes right? 

The weaker deer should be torn to pieces by the wolf to make place for a stronger deer and well fed wolf?

Ossetians are not a weak deer, they are RUSSIANS!  Our stampede with crush many wolfs, not just one tiny rabies stricken reckless one.  For in nature even horses get in a group of circle to defend themselves against attack.  Are Russians less than horses?  Do animals that we ride care more about themselves than we do about each other?  I think NOT!  So will the tiny rabies stricken wolf lead his pack into extinction by placing them before a stampede?

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova