Dawn Hightree: Why can't people stop the war?

Dear Readers,
I am in tears as I read the news as it seems to become worst and worst.  I am sad that all I have ever tried to do amounted to nothing.  Nothing.  We are no where near peace anywhere.  My own country wants to build nuclear weapons.  I mean, come on, what does it take to wake people up.  I don't think we are going to make through this age.  I don't think it's going to happen.  How can it?  When countries are even considering creating nuclear weapons, why can't they just leave it alone?  Why are they so attached to something that is so bad? 
I despise myself because I am not smart enough to be able to change things.  I am not worthy enough to anyone to be there for me.  I despise that I am so old but so unwise. 
Why can't people just stop this war, why can't my country stop doing wrong.  The more I try it seems the worst it gets.  Why?  Do I have to be proven wrong?  Is that what is so important?  Can a poor white middle aged woman who is creative but sometimes off her rocker someone that has to be proven wrong that bad?  Or is that I wish that I was heard but no one listens?
I just ask God why did I have to live in these times?  LIfe is terribly hard now for too many people.  It is just not right.
When will this be over and why is it looking like the world is going to die?
Dawn Hightree

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova