D Slavovich Ratz: Shootout in Georgia-South Ossetia conflict zone

No conflict in South Ossetia aside from skirmishes.  Four Georgian Interior Ministry's forces are licking their wounds in Eredvi village, while our side suffered no loses, and Russian troops have deployed on the line separating South Ossetia from Georgian aggressors.  Mr. Surhitashvili was right when he said "South Ossetian units fired.  Nobody of the LOCALS has suffered".  The keyword is 'locals', and as Russian foreign ministry made it clear "Russia cannot remain indifferent to the destiny of Russian nationals".

Most of the people living there are Russian, and no blockade is conceivable by Georgian troops like in Ajaria, because it borders Russia, not the Black Sea.  Hence no economic incentive for Russia to betray it's people.  This is not Batumi, a port on the Black Sea that exports oil.  Nor are people in South
Ossetia ethnic Georgians, in Ajaria they were.  Saakashvili, you don't have any more chips on the table.  "it will be an armed conflict between Georgia and Russia," Dictator Saakashvili.  Don't forget to add and full and complete absorption of all territory of the aggressor into Russia.

Saakashvili's statement "A divided Georgia is not in Russia's interests. It is not in the interests of Russian citizens living in Georgia either. We treat them with respect and want to protect their rights", that's so WEAK!  You want to invade them to 'protect' them.  From themselves?  Another statement by Dictator on July 10th. "We would like to preserve and build on the positive trends that have emerged in Georgian-Russian relations as Russia is a very important partner for us.

And I hope to see the same approach"  HOW EASily THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED!!!  [Followed by a good amount of laughter.]

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova