Robert: Satan's altar

I have been exposing Lucifers gate/gates since august of 1990. This fellow I met in Albuquerque, N.M. in 1980 showed me a blueprint of an aerial view of the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. Coming out of the river/soldiers entrance is a walk-way leading down to the potomac river. Superimposed over the walk-way and down into the river was the anatomy of a man from the neck down to his feet. Coming out of the walk-way were all of the symbols of the astrology from taurus the bull down to the upper arrow point of sagittarius the archer. The head of the man of which should have been in the pentagon was not there. If you punch in pentagon architecture under google, you can get an aerial picture of this gate to hell. God revealed to me that this is Lucifers measure found in the book of isaiah 14:12-14 where Lucifer measures five I wills to God. See Matthew 7:2. We all know that this forms a pentagon, of which can be found in the pentagram. Last year I had a conversation with another man who told me that the pentagon edges are built upon weigh lines. Within the circumference of the weigh lines is a vortex. If you turn to the book of Revelation 13:11, you will see a beast coming up out of the earth having 2 horns like a (defensive) lamb, and (devoured the soul of sacrificed soldiers as a fire breathing) dragon. If you don't already know, the flags that we were taught to pledge allegiance to in our government run public school systems is the image of the beast. The blue area represents celestial, the red and white represent terrestrial. The 13 original pentagrams represents an ushering in by the so-called fore-fathers the spiritual entity of their god into the 13 terrestrial colonies. If you go to Genesis 14:4, you'll read that they served Chedorolamer 12 years and on the 13th they rebelled. Hence we have the # of rebel-lion. See II Peter 5:8. Or in other words, 1 before 3 is unholy. You can also add the numbers together and it will show you the first in creation. If we pledge to the 13 stripes of which is satan, he will take us into a 5 with a 0 (eternity) after it. If you add 5+0+1+3 it = 9. 6+6+6=18, 1+8=9. See Ezekiel 28:13 and count 9 stones given to Lucifer in a golden breastplate. See also 9 digits on our social security cards given to us by the 32nd degree mason Roosevelt who was also responsible for the pentagon. Thank you for your warning about them watching us, I already know. They have tried to kill me at least a dozen times since my childhood when I became a son of God at the age of seven, but If God be for me, who can be against me. Their attempts always failed. I feel a burden coming off of my shoulders as I write this letter to you. I believe John Kerry (Kohn) will be our next bonehead brain subjugater and it will be he who comes as the illuminatis knight in blasphemous armour. I hope what I have sent you will help in your research. I've no doubt that God was the one who gave them their vortex. I have had many visions since c. 1969 that would take another letter to write. If you are interested, I can send it to you tomorrow evening . P.S. You have my permission to use this material in any way you choose.

A prophet is not known in his own country. I have been exposing this gate for over 14 years, and people think me lunatic. I have a 175 IQ in architectural drafting. Please feel free to contact me. There is so much more to this.

Nikita Kruschev said, "If the american people knew what was going on in the pentagon, there would be a revolution". c.1963


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova