D Slavovich Ratz: Terror against Serbs RESPONSE

I wouldn't expect anything less than for her to be "scared to death!"  The level to which Albanian terrorist went to vilify the other ethnicities is clear. They hate others so much they killed their own to start up large scale violence against our people.  Just this March 28 they were at it again.  This is verified by both the British and NATO!

International prosecutor in April cleared Serbs of drowning two Albanian children, and NATO arrested senior Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army officer Sukri Buja (who also happens to be a Hague witness) for coordinated rioting. 

Chappell said "the surviving boy had told his parents that they had entered the river alone and that three of his friends had been swept away by the current." 

UNMIK spokesman Derek Chappell on Austrian state television ORF "The violence in Kosovo today has obviously been planned in advance," he went on, "There has been violence in Kosovo before, but this time it's coordinated action.  The violence erupted in a number of places at the same time which shows that it was planned in advance," he said.  51,000 people were involved in 33 riots according to U.N. police, that occurred in March (of this year) following false accusations of Serbs drowning two Albanian children.  Albanian terrorists set fire to
several Slav (Bulgarian) military police places of residence reports BGNES news.  Greek soldiers came under attack from Albanian terrorists while guarding an Orthodox church at Urosevac.  Fourteen Churches were just destroyed at this instance, and oldest among them dating back to the 12th century.  Czech NATO soldiers also came under fire as they defended the Serbs.

"As her daughter, 6, clung to her legs, Bogdanka Miric recounted how she, her family and about 20 neighbors, all ethnic Serbs, escaped as an ethnic Albanian mob rampaged through the town of Lipjan."  They jumped on to a waiting military truck from second floor balcony to escape as gunmen fired into apartment buildings.  "The family's narrow escape on Wednesday mirrored that of hundreds of other Serbs across this province,"  - New York Times  "the burning of Serb homes and churches forced many to leave areas that were once ethnically mixed."  "town, Kosovo Polje, outside Pristina, had no Serbs left." "No one had any idea it would be so violent," said police sergeant Angel Feliciano, who was working with the UN police in Lipjan. - New York Times  That police sergeant
together with officers numbering 14 held out their best against several hundred terrorists penetrating houses owned by Serbs.  Three armoured personnel carriers stood by, but the Finnish troops received no orders to back up the police". -
New York Times.  It was the same case with non-Slav German NATO troops who stood by as smoke billowed from ruins of 110 homes, as 870 people were being injured, 31 were being murdered, and about 1,000 run for their lives from their homes.

"The attacks bear similarity to the campaign of arson, abduction, intimidation and killing directed at Serbs and Roma (gypsies) in the summer of 1999. This campaign of violence forced 200,000 Serbs and thousands of Roma from the province. Human Rights Watch documented the violence in an August 1999 report, "Abuses against Serbs and Roma in the New Kosovo."  "The international community's response to the attacks on Serbs and Roma (Gypsies) in1999 was too little, too late," said Rachel Denber, acting executive director of Human Rights Watch's Europe and Central Asia Division.  "If Kosovo Albanians think that orchestrating of this violence can get them what they want, they are wrong.  If moving towards the Euro-Atlantic structures is what they want, resorting to organized violence is a wrong call," (NATO S-G) Scheffer told BBC.  "The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), was universally designated a terrorist organization and known to be receiving support from Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda was conveniently ignored." Maj-Gen. Lewis MacKenzie, commanded UN troops at Yugoslavia, now retired. - From "We bombed the wrong side?" at National Post (Canada) April 6, 2004. 

BRUSSELS - EC commissioner Chris Patten told Albanian foreign minister Kastriot Islamiu in Brussels that the European Union and the international community, after five years of presence in Kosovo, now need to defend the Serbs there from "ethnic cleansing".  And after our people are reduced, Slavs still laid flowers by the American embassy after 9-11.  So much flowers, all around, because we don't like civilians dying, even those of the people who lied and bombed us.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova