Ivan Nikola Guerra: Russia is suffering from strange problem

Hi all.
I'm a long-time  reader of the english.pravda.ru edition, and first of all I apologize for my bad English. I studied French at school.
I just have a comment about what you are writing: it seems to me Russia is suffering a strange problem. You are considering yourself as the people hated by the entire West, as a "natural opponent" of the whole West. That means you see the West as a monolith where all the peoples and things are the same.

I can't understand that. Living in Italy, I don't see any anti-Russian feelings in the people I know. Italy is, for what I know, the first commercial partner of Russia in the Mediterranean area and it seems to me that bound is becoming stronger everyday.

I am not talking about political issues, and I think considering Russians as communists would be like  considering Italians as fascists, although both Communism and fascism fell down. This is ridiculous, only nations with no real history can think that.

We are Italians.  We are not Americans. When we find something too stupid or too "pop", we label with the words "American bullshit".

Why you are considering Italy as completely Americanized culture (ha,ha. American culture. ha,ha.). You consider Italy as simply "West" , talking about us as a natural opponent of Russia?

I think Europe is slowly freeing its hands from the USA chains. I think doing that without a war will be very time-consuming. We have US soldiers at home, and our army was kept weak
by the US will. In 1945 we had a true Navy, now we have "someting like a Navy", and so on.

We can't simply boot away Americans doing a war. But we will blow them away, with weapons of politics and fine strategy. Keep in mind that the process will be slow, but we are marching to freedom.

There are many ways to win. One is war. Other is politic.  Polithic is a powerful weapon if someone knows how to use it.

I feel strange too your point of view about Europe (EU). Europe surely is a future opponent of USA, I don't see the EU as an opponent of Russia. Why should it be? Did you hurt us? Are you able to explain if the EU hurt you and when.

Certainly, there is a problem with the EU too: Great Britain is a country that on the paper is in the EU, but their only mission is sabotaging the EU politics. We know that.

With the new constitution, UK is out of the EU as they CAN'T approve it. They were unable to use the decimal unit system, they are driving to the left, they are unable to leave their chauvinism "we are different as we are better". In the
middle term, they will be OUT of EU. It is natural, and it is the goal of the new Constitution: UK cant' sign it.

So, I think when UK will go out (simply being unable to enter) the EU politics will be detached from the USA more than now, and the EU will become closer to Russia.

So, the problem is: why do you keep considering Europe as a flat part of the USA - West, when all our manouvres are aimed at freeing ourselves from the USA?

Do you trust those who says "the EU future defence will be integrated with NATO?" Bof, this is just politics!

We say "in a country there is only ONE king": when the EU will HAVE a true defence, the US soldiers will finally go home.

Don't consider the EU as part of the USA-West, and expecially don't consider us as a natural opponent of Russia. We don't feel this way.

Ivan Nikola Guerra

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova