Dawn Hightree: I have to love all the people

I am very worried about the state of the world.  I am an American, and due to the fact that I have seen the truth, I am deeply concerned for this world.  I am an American, and I cannot at this time really offer any kind of support or help for the government because they have labeled anti war protesters/activist-terrorist.  This brings to my attention the problem with labeling people terrorist.  This very labeling is causing to me an avoidance of seeing the truth of what is really going on. 
This very labeling "terrorist" is giving governments-dictators the right to kill and destroy a person without giving their reason for fighting, really any weight out of being valid at all.  Now take for instance, me.  I am an anti war type of person.  My reasons for being this way to me are very valid and mean something to me.  Well to people who are all about taking even to the point of killing.  I am a threat.  My reasons mean nothing at all and deserve no time or thought.  The only thing that matters is to destroy anything that gets in the opposers way. 
At this time, it would seem, that there is a lot of people that are comfortable with the idea of not being fair of being takers for the sake of taking.  I truly believe in all that I have seen personally and all I have read is that the people who are possibly, in my eyes, doing things wrong, don't know that they are doing wrong.  Somewhere, and at some point they lost consciousness or maybe they sold their souls.  Whatever you want to call it.  I truly do not believe that many people alive today understand what they are doing and why. 
There are a lot of reasons for this.  One thing that I have noticed is that under extreme pressure and the threat of ones life, that sacrifices between what is right and wrong can become demented.  This takes a way from ones self and leaves them unsure of who they are, causing more conflict but internal.  In times of conflict peaceful understanding and compromise is very difficult.  This is showing clearly between the situation with the palisti and Israel.  This is showing very clearly between Am-a and others. 
Given these types of problems and situations, let us not forget that human beings need clean air, water, and food to survive.  This is truly a greater concern than most of the population that should be concerned are giving it.  There is most probably more evidence that proves that we are killing ourselves by killing this planet than there is evidence that we are not.  The very fact that any government is even considering making nuclear plants of any kind proves just how far from reality that many are.  It is quite astounding and to the point of tragedy that may never have a happy ending.  I only have hope because I believe that there is hope.  I also realize that I could be living in a fantasy that things will work out, but they never do.
I am so deeply saddened by the state of this world that I personally am lost.  I don't know where to go or where to turn.  I feel like a loser of a really bad talent show.  Yes it is quite funny in some ways, but it is quite tragic and frightening in others.
I love all countries.  I don't think that I can express it enough.  But in my heart, it doesn't really matter how bad anyone is, I have to love them.  I have no hate or distain for any country and in fact, I would be more and more tickled if all of the countries survive and prosper.  I want all countries to realize the truth about the state of the environment and start chosing the right answers to not be a problem to the environment but an asset.  I want this planet to be more beautiful and alive than it is.  I want people to treat each other with respect and be mature in their interactions.  I do not want world war III and I see that it is happening.  there are wars everywhere.  I truly believe if all governments focused more on the survival of the planet and focusing more on harm reduction that things would become more peaceful.  I see the wrong people telling others what to do and it hurts.  I want to defend the defenseless, I want to save the innocent.
What is so difficult right now in these times is the complexity of the situation.  There is no easy answer.  But I know in my heart that respect for the future/ respect for the earth is a great start.  Unfortunately, I am no one.  I am no one in power and I can't reach people.  I am one of a many loving souls that is crying out for this world with little results.
I love Russia, I want to meet Mr. Putin.    I love America, it has some good ideas that unfortunately aren't fully in practice. I love Germany, it's an interesting language to me and they have a very structured way of behaving.   I definately Love Sweden I have a friend there.,  I love Amsterdam because they have pot legal, I love England and all it's interesting cultures, I love Iran because it is what it is.  I love Iraq because I see innocent dying.  I love Jordan because it means a lot to the bible. I love Egypt because of their culture and history.  I love Israel because of the Bible.  I love Pakistan because it is what it is.  and on and on. 
That is one of the smartest things to do,with more in place socially in my eyes, but hemp could literally save this world in many ways.  Another way to save this world is solar energy and wind. And another way is organic living and recycling and conservation.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova