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Hello Sir:
Reading your article or biography of Mr. Durao Barroso, I was struck at how narrow minded you are of the next European Commissioner. I don't know whether you speak from first hand knowledge of Mr. Barroso, but I happened to know Mr. Barroso a lot better than what your article depicts. Mr. Barroso is not only a well educated Minister he is a well experience diplomat with more than ten years of experience in diplomacy. When Mr. Barroso was elected as Prime Minister of Portugal, he inhered a country that had a large debt, a country that had a serious corruption problem and some mismanagement. Yes it's true that under his mandate unemployment went up and the production growth of Portugal declined, but all of this is the result of  this global recession that affected the production growth of Portugal, since the country exports almost 90 % of its GDP. Now with the global economy slowly recovering, Portugal is in a good position to meet new challenges, thanks in! large part to the efforts of Mr. Barroso in controlling the country's ever growing debt and setting new policies for a more efficient government. I also don't like the way you predict Mr. Barroso is in course to embarrass him self or the country he represents, Mr. Barroso is too smart to embarrass him self or his country. I wonder if you would have such narrow view of Mr. Barroso if was English.
L Lourenco

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova