Andy D: Russia will surpass the US by 2041 RESPONSE

Dear Editor:
The time frame 2004 to 2041 is unrealistic in this fast paced world. US economic power has peaked and without a powerful economic engine US military power will soon peak as well.  Aside from agriculture, forestry and mining, a lot of the economic activity in the US is of a superfluous non-manufacturing nature. The US is a vast wealth consuming economy sucking in imports on a vast scale far in excess what it exports. This will soon come to an end as the dollars' purchasing power erodes relentlessly into worthlessness. As Greenspan is forced to increase interest rates, the housing bubble will crash the US economy into a depression. With the unilateral attack on Iraq,  the US guaranteed a multi-polar world. No longer will the US dollar be the reserve currency of the world as non-dollar economic trading blocs are forming all over the world-(Malaysia and the Gold Dinar) Middle East, East Asia, (Euro) Europe,  (Rouble) Russia etc.
Russia and the Russian people on the other have enormous needs that will keep the Russian economy growing for decades to come. Russia as a resource rich country should not have problems raising capital to finance its growth. Furthermore its intellectual capital is enormous. The Russian people have an attachment to their land that is expressed through their poetry and the arts. This makes them homogenous and strong.
Tragically, the US has lost its homogenity, its soul. Anybody who can see, sees that multiculturalism in the US has been deconstructing the founding civilization that made it great for a long time now. 

I'm betting on Russia as a future super power.
Andy D

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova