Andy D: US agriculture to collapse

US agricultural production will shrink dramatically in the next two decades. 
After having read Dale Allen Pfeiffer's extremely pessimistic essay "Eating Fossil Fuels" on the internet in May, 2004, in June, my wife and I toured the US from Buffalo, NY to Seattle, Washington crossed the border and toured Canada from Vancouver, BC to Niagara Falls, Ontario. I agree with Mr. Pfeiffer, the future is truly bleak. The Green Revolution so highly energy intensive is no longer sustainable. All the factors that made the Green Revolution possible - cheap oil and natural gas, plentiful water and arable land are becoming problematic. As we travelled the highways and past through mega cities like Chicago, we could not fail to see the glutinous use of energy by Americans and maybe for the last time.
Instead of curbing population growth in North America, governments are encouraging migrants to come here from all over the globe. This is a disaster in the making. There are almost 40 million people now living in poverty here with many going hungry. Mass starvation is only a couple of decades away. By 2025 or earlier, the US to feed its population will cease to be an exporter of grains.
North Americans are simply not prepared for what is facing them in the future. The American dream is slowly becoming a nightmare. As Mr. Pfeiffer says: Our prosperity is built on the principal of exhausting the world's resources as quickly as possible, without any thought to our neighbours, all other life on this planet, or our children.
As the rest of the world awakens to America's extravagant use of energy and resources, for their own survival, they may restrict energy transfers to the US.
Andy D

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova