D Slavovich Ratz: Chechnya and Russia's struggle for survival

The fight for Grozny is about independence.  Whatever doubts I had melted like snow in the summer's sun.  There are two sides in the war.  So, I will address them both.  Our enemies are fighting for independence from Russians as was made very clear when "they stopped an Ambulance and shot to death a pregnant woman inside."  They are now independent of those Russians (the Russian woman, and her unborn child).  Our Nizavisimust (Independence in Russian) is from thugs, villains, and from scum of our society.  The idea of occupation in a Russian mind is tied to "German" occupation.  Where it should be is "the unlawful violent acts committed", the idea does not have anything to do with "ethnicity".  Thugs, rapists, murderers, these are the real occupiers if left unchecked. 

If "Germans" peacefully talked Russians into accepting them such as for marriage, business endeavors, and the like than even though they would occupy Russia it's not "occupation".  The realities of occupation of Russia right now are as clear as possible.  Groups (some foreign, some locally bred) think they are above the law, that they are the law, and have a right to pull little children's hair out, make slaves of ethnic Russians, kill their fellow ethnic kin because they are marring "foreign ethnicity", and as one independence minded Chechen said "I was just killing Russians".  Occupation is about law and order,
and happens when that order is upset.  This usually happened when foreign armies or legions invaded a nation, but today it's happening from letting groups of thugs, thieves, rapists, and murderers reign supreme after they were unleashed during anarchy that came with transition to democracy.  Polls have shown most ethnic Chechens want to coexist with other ethnicities, and do not have intentions to ransack neighboring regions like was the case with Dagestan when extremist were left there to their doings.  As long as we give room for justification for crimes to people because of their minority ethnicity, as long as we identify threats with only "foreign invaders", as long as we don't unite all the ethnicities of our Great country in the struggle against Hitler's Axis Invasion we are doomed for Hitler's armies were too only returning to lands that their ancestors once treaded (as genetic evidence showed man moved from Africa to Asia and than to Europe, hence through Russia).  Hitler's Aryan killings and thugs basing killings on ethnicity now are one and the same.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova