Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

D Slavovich Ratz: Russia can cease to exist in 2017

Regarding PRAVDA.Ru article "80 percent of marriages in Russia end up in divorce". According to CIA, as of July 2004 there are 49,534,076 males and 52,958,107 Russian females between the ages of 15 to 64.  Not many people give birth at 64, so I'll subtract 6,177,580 males, and 13,529,871 females (the number of Russians aged 65 and over), because number of aged people tends to curve as we age and that's likely to reflect how many old people are under 64 as well.  This brings Russian men down to a mere 43,356,496, and females to 39,428,236.  With Russian infant mortality rate at 16.96 deaths over 1,000 live births that comes to 38,759,533 successful live births annually.  Since most Russian women like children, and the healthiest amount born to a women is considered 3 to 4 than we should multiply 38,759,533 successful live births by 3.5 = 135,658,360 children.  However, there are only "26.3 million children" in Russia.  That means only 19.386936% of what is normal!  Since 100% is what it takes for survival of a nation/state, and Russian life expectancy is at 66.39 years Russia will cease to exist in 2017 if current trend continues, because 12.8709 years is 19.386936% of Russian life expectancy.  As millions of Chinese are already violating us at Far East/Siberia the trend is not likely to stop with dwindling Russian numbers, and the addition of over 7 million souls annually in a compressed China south of our border.  In conclusion find a beautiful Russian woman and make love to her, or start studying Mandarin Chinese.  To be on the safe side do both.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA