Point-X: Why is Russia suffering? RESPONSE

First off, I think you answered your own question in your signature line: D Slavovich Ratz, Russian Investor, Sacramento, California, USA.

How the hell can you ask such a question about your country when you Sir are not there? Russian Investor in the USA, This IS THE PROBLEM. Every day the country I am trapped in enslaves people further and further but not with chains, not with ropes but with their very own internal desires.

Show the world the pictures of people living a different lifestyle and then everyone soon believes they should have the same thing and are willing to sell out everything for it. One of the
things I hate about America is the usage of marketing to promote things no one really can afford so they go into debt to have, so they can have the things their neighbors have. Greed, everyone's greed is the reason your country and ours are like they are. When you look around the city you live in, how many empty factories and warehouses do you see? How many houses that are falling apart? How many poor people with not even a glimmer of hope? Where did they go? Where did the money go? To investors maybe?

Russia and America are more similar then they are dissimilar. Russians have children, the children grow up, play, go to school, work with their parents, have dates, marry, have more children and so on. Russians like music, movies, plays, fireworks just like we do. Russians are people just like we are. The thing is we are victims. Victims of people that believe in "profit Over people" to borrow from Noam Chomsky. Profit over
people is why you are facing empty factories and so much desperation in the many poor. Profit over people is why we as people have long ago so stopped being self supporting. Do you grow anything you eat? Or bake anything you eat? I do not think so. We go to a store and buy it. We are entirely dependent on others for our very existence. Investors love that
don't they?

Wall Street and the other markets around the world are full of people that contribute absolutely nothing to the countries they plunder.

Investors! Their entire existence is to make money from the exploitation of others and their natural resources. When a company is more responsible to investors then they are to their customers and employees, doom is inevitable. Takeovers abound in this environment, factories consolidate and next thing you know, you have more empty ones around.

Look at Walmart. Russia will soon have them everywhere, or some renamed variant, if Walmart has their wish. Yet does anyone from Russia look at what a company like Walmart has really done to the towns they visit? A Walmart in your town is a death sentence for the town. Your town will die and there is nothing you will be able to do about it. Yet Walmart claims they put money back into the communities they serve. To know for yourself if this is true, talk to their suppliers. Talk to the owners of the small shops in the downtown areas of most owns, if you can find any left. People want cheap stuff like the neighbors have, yet never think of the consequences of the cheap stuff. Outside of the fact that the average house in America has nothing of any substantial value since everything in it is either plastic or fake wood. And at the end of the day, where did all the money go? It went to the investors, that do not live in the towns they plunder.

When we allow people to govern us that are more responsible to their corporate supporters then they are to the governed, this cycle accelerates and we the governed are the losers. We lose jobs, we lose the use of many of our natural resources, we lose the enviroment, we lose our self respect. We just plain lose.

I can remember not long ago, the goal we all had was to go to work for someone, work hard and then retire. Your value in retirement was straight lined to the amount of work you put in. Those days are long gone. Since America decided to "out source" most things as far back as the 70's things have gone down hill for us. For Russia and others as well. You know, we never were real enemies, it was politicians owing to defense companies that were using the "threat" of each other to make us afraid. The politicians created this fear and the defense company investors made out like a bandit on each side.

Here is an example to think about. Since you are reading this via the internet you no doubt understand virus software a bit. Now tell me how smart it is to have a company the sells software to protect you from viruses be publicly traded? If the company were to create software that could stop all viruses from attacking you, they would sell everyone a copy and then they would cease to exist. Not likely to occur since investors would no longer make any money. So they are grateful for new
viruses aren't they? No matter "who" releases them. This keeps them selling new releases. Windows, unable to make software that actually works, so they make new releases year after year and write their EULA in a way to force you to buy the latest greatest crappola. The car you drive, was designed with planned obsolescence as a factor. Everything in our life is designed in a way to make us use it, toss it and buy another, thanks to investors need to make more and more money.

If you want a real answer to what I see as our, as a people, impending doom, here it is. First all natural resources are to be nationalized. Oh My what did he say? He said that the people of the land own the land and all its intrinsic value. Corporations need to be broken down into smaller companies and blocked from land ownership. Investors need to be burned at the stake, well ok no, but they best go look for real work.
People need to know and learn to accept that it is possible that some of us will be poor for all our lives and there will be those that are rich.

Those of us that are not rich deserve to be treated with respect by those that need us to do their dirty work and in as much need to be paid a wage we can raise our families on. Universal health care should be mandatory. Unfortunately universal health care is not going to happen soon in America because people like G.W. Bush are beholding to companies like Carlyle Group which in turn is into pharmecueticals so for there to
be universal health care, some of you investors will lose. What they rich do not seem to understand is that if all our health is taken care of universally, it benefits them as much as the rest in that diseases can be eradicated and there is less sick time hours lost. But then we have the double edge of the sword, for there to be universal health care, the government would have a vested interest in protecting our health and would then have to make sure products we consume were healthy and the companies that produce them were environmentally responsible so we did not have chemical dumpsites for parks. They would have to stop untested genetically modified foods from being sold to us. And Donald Rumsfeld would have to admit that Aspartame is deadly to all of us. If you investors will let Monsanto (Searle) announce that to the world.

My opinion is mine, I know. But you "investors" and especially you investors that do not even live in your own land, You are the reason that despair and desperation are becoming so rampant. You investors are the reason China makes nearly 100% of ALL toys consumed in America. You investors are the reason companies are closing faster then they are opening. You investors who make money without touching a single product
are the reason towns are dying. But yet I can not blame you for it all, it is again our un happiness with our position in life that makes us strive to have more then we can afford.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova