Mike: Articles about US intervention in Iraq RESPONSE

Dear Kevin

I suggest you do your research properly, in relation to their GDP the largest giving nation is Denmark.  Most of what the USA gives goes directly to Israel to be spent on machines for murder.

Saddam killed 1.5 million? Where is the proof of this? So far I can honestly say I have not seen one mass grave shown on TV from Iraq? I have seen a few bodies buried here & there! Are the other 1,999,500 buried with the WMD? How many bodies have been found so far in Kosovo?

How many did the USA kill in Vietnam? Something like 3 million wasn't it?

Funny how you went to Iraq to help & there is no help for the tortured people in Uzbekistan, but we (US & UK) can give millions to their leader (who is the torturer) because he has OIL.  Funny how USA seems to have forgotten that Saddam was on our side for many years. Note the Iran UK incident at the moment. That waterway was a major factor in the Iran Iraq war, and of course we all supported Saddam, now Iran are making their point and putting the UK back in it's place.  Funny how we are not helping the people in Sudan, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, oh silly me, they dont have OIL & we already stole all the diamonds, we could help them, but whats in it for us?

Has anybody else noticed how the world leaders are the minority? We are the majority, if we unite we can re-take control from the criminal. Why should these few run our lives?

Pathetic world...

Mike, UK

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova