D Slavovich Ratz: Russia as Third World Nation

Russia is the strongest third world nation.  Nobody has more weapons of mass destruction than us, the fastest aircraft, the must reliable space suits (which Americans are using on the international space station), multi use small arms, and nobody has more attractive women.  Why are we a third world nation
than?  It's not because of democracy, because we have that.  We are a third world nation, because of the way we go addressing issues.  While in other countries nationality is synonymous with citizenship, in our third world it is synonymous with ethnicity.  To some degree Americans share this with us, unlike Western Europeans who don't share it at all.  Americans have native Americans that are citizens and at the same time hold a particular native American 'nationality'.  The reason Americans don't belong to the Third World like us is that this 'national' status is limited to reservations, small places, kind of like museums, and the rest of minorities are defined as 'ethnic' such as Italian American, Irish American, and Polish American just to name a few.  In our case we give 'national status' to large areas where Alaska pales in comparison to Yakutia, don't even have a word "ethnic', and share technology on a scale of building large skyscrapers like in Grozny (Chechnya) for example, encourage minority language at chauvinistic levels, and are surprised when these places split and declare Russians there "foreigners".  Then bloodshed spills and we go back to the same process.  This is on the part that Russians value individuality, and tree of liberty must be washed with the blood of tyrants Jefferson or some American said something to that degree.  However, in America people are taught about ills of racism, about "United we stand" or else we fall.  In prior centuries this was not as big a problem, because Russia was seen as "the world", and nobody wants to split from the world, so no rebellion.  Another reason why Russia makes the third world cut is that we accept 'ideas', are open minded, but again to an extreme level.  Communism is an obvious example, but forget that, and let's look how the open-minded Russian is doing now.  We have politicians who represent foreigners (who don't even hide this fact, by making statements during elections), are financed by them, and there are people who still vote for them.  Open mindedness is good, but the fact stands no American, no German, and no British official was ever pro-Russian.  As officials, every American represent interests of America, same goes for the Englishman, and every German does what serves pro-German policy.  Our interest might coincide for a time in pursuit of the same interest like fighting terrorism, but that's not always the case.  A good example is Kazakhstan, being separate from Russia's oil reserves, no monopoly, Americans are able to pay less for Kazakhstan's resources: simple supply and demand.  Again we don't comprehend that fact, because we lived in a bobble and thought of Russia as a whole world, that there are interests of people only, not nations.  To freedom loving, to trusting for the real world, and that is why Russia is the leader in terms of Third World Nation.

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova