Christian Grow Jr: Terrorism must be crushed

I am a proud citizen of the United States of America. I'm not writing to apologize for the things that my government has done in the past. Every citizen of a great country, that tries to make a difference in the world, has something in their past to apologize for. In the world today their is great evil, rising like Hitler in the 30's. The Russian people are a great people, a wise people, and they know this is true. I know that our societies have a great many differences, but one issue unites us, it always has, it always will, our fight against true, unabashed, pure evil. Terrorism must be CRUSHED, if we as civilized human beings do not stand a destroy this enemy all the progress that we have made as intelligent, civilized, human beings will be lost. Our enemy seek our complete destruction, and will never stop. We as the civilized world must stop them, we must destroy them just as Hitler and Fascism  were destroyed, without mercy, without remorse, and with the knowledge that war is not entered into lightly it is entered into only when survival is at risk.
 Take a look around do you see what I see ?
 God bless the great people of Russia
Christian Grow Jr
Philadelphia, PA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova