Brent Hemingway: Mr. Hoffman's article on Reagan

Dear Mr. Hoffman 

I enjoyed reading your opinion article on Reagan, your article was to the point and close to the truth of the matter about Reagan. However, like to comment on your reporting of Noriega. Noreiga was not removed from the Panamanian government for reasons of drug trafficking but as a result of his refusal to sign or even negotiate a new treaty over the Panama Canal with the US. He wanted the canal under Panamanian complete control once the previous treaty had expired. Noreiga was not going to be another central American puppet president of the US but wanted more independence as a nation from the Yankee Yoke. When he refused to extend the canal treat or to negotiate a new one, the Yankees drummed up charges against him in order to make it legitimate to invade Panama to remove Noreiga. Mr. Noreiga should have had a trial in the international courts at The Hague instead in Florida. Had the trial been held internationally, the charges against Noreiga would have been unfounded. Evidence was trumped up by the CIA in this case and Mr. Noreiga had been convicted on scant evidence. 

I hope this clarifies the Central American situation at the time Mr. Bush senior was in charge of the US administration, Reagan’s right hand man!

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova