Yadgar Miran: Does Mr. Yeltsin have anything to be proud of?

When I saw Mr. Yeltsin standing on the Russian independent day, I saw a sad pale face, not from illness, but probably from feeling shame for what he did to the Russian dignity and economy. I saw him long time ago when he was taking the stick from the maestro to play the role of the hero which showed his happiness from Soviet withdrawal from East Germany, and saw him again when he was on the top of a tank in front of the Soviet Parliament...I wish to say applause that you were a kid in the skin of an old man, again an applause that you sold all Russian women and dignity for some greedy oligards, for spreading  vitiation, may be you saw too many American movies. Don't worry or take me so serious, you were not the only one being played by the West and fooled. Your colleague, Mr. Shevardnadze, he was not less fooled than you...I don't flatter the time of Soviets; otherwise I will go too far. I blame that time more than your time, because they created such high-ranking party members as you and Sheverdnadze... Or may be I am wrong again, maybe you two were too enthusiastic, more than Mr. Gorbachev who decided on the destiny of more than 400 million people. The same old story, one decides for all, perestroika, wanted to change a block  built in more than 70 years and based on strong military and weak civil economy, to a free market? One dream cost the dignity of 400 million people, and it was easy for everyone to blame the Russians regardless to the fact that they suffered from the time of Mongol invaders until the World War II, and then, a total collapse. 

If I was you, Mr. Gorbachev&Yeltsin&Shevardnadze, I felt shame for seeing my country in such corrupted manner. 

Mr. Gorbachev, you could have done your reforms in much better way, if you had asked the help of the people, the young generation. Two brains are better than one. You threw a nation born in the hands of the state to the mouth of the wolves in one, two, three, you threw a domestic people in the wild, after cutting their claws...Do you still feel happy!? Of course, you are not the only one in the world of capitalism, who found his glory over the skull and blood  and dignity of other people.

Yadgar Miran

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova