D Slavovich Ratz: I was enraged by filthy Russian businessmen pleading

I was enraged after reading the filthy Russian businessmen pleading, not to mention criminal aiding and abetting comments that came from our very own Parliament's Deputy Chairman Oleg Morozov.  The article really struck at the heart, because I'm a Russian businessman myself.  Last year I made 2,433,134 roubles and 50 kopeyaks (at current currency exchange rate).  I don't know if that qualifies me as an Oligarch, because they're usually entrenched in the government, and I just govern through a company.  What really kept me awake at night was Oleg Morozov's comment where he said amnesty for financial fraud is "better option than doing nothing about the problem".  The man is either on a take or is seemingly deranged.  Who in their right mind would say this when budget revenues are about to get a boost of 99.4 billion roubles from the YUKOS open and shut case, in a matter of three days I might add. 

And the $3 billion US dollars mentioned that are allegedly to flow into Russia's coffers from the open arms of Russian shady scoundrels once they were pardoned......  Was that a joke?  Wishful thinking on the criminal mind's part:  Sweeten the deal, and the government will take a bribe.  So Mr. Morozov are you a crook, or just lacking some good sleep like myself here?  Going back to "trust" between businessmen and government, well, it's there, and the 13% flat income tax rate we Russians pay is all the trust we need on the part of our
government.  The government trusts us to spend that 87%, and we trust the government to spend the 13%.  The ongoing YUKOS case does not change that, actually it adds a little reward to the honest participant.  Us decent folks are going to
buy YUKOS on sale.  I remember it priced at $68 dollars a share, and now it closed today at $25 (and by no certainty is that the low, yet anyway, for the sale is on Friday!

D Slavovich Ratz
Russian Investor
Sacramento, California, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova