Thierry Chauderlot: Why do you need propiska in Russia?

Dear Sir,

As I love your country, I try to understand why Russian people don't have the same standart of live than Americans.

During the 30s it was a big mess in USA whith lot of unemployed people.

American people find the solution by moving from the old industrial region  to West, to California.

I was surprised when someone explained to me that Russian people are "linked" to their home because they need a propiska (official registration in the passport) to find job somewhere else.

That means that people from country are doomed to die from starvation, because in every industrial country, new jobs are created in services, that is in town, and the productivity in agriculture reduce the need of people in the country.

Most stupid, you need a special propiska to go to Moscow where the salary are 5 to 10 time higher than in town.

Capitalism implies that when a ressource is expensive in a place, everything should be done to bring more cheap ressource to this place.

So why prevent people whith a very low salary (when they have at least a salary) to go to place where salaries are higher?

I really believe that is one of the main reasons of unemployment in Russia.

If you can do some lobbying to make this propiska disappear, I really believe you will help your country

Thierry Chauderlot

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova