Zoltan SZ: Unforgettable sins of US leaders

I would like to mention one of the serious wrongdoings of the USA: taping UN Security Council commissioners' phone calls before the latest Iraqi war to make them dependent on the power which wanted to invade Iraq without impediment of the public. This is well-known fact. This crime is very similar to the case of Watergate, probably not unintentional, which resulted in  President Nixon’s resignation at that time.

However, when the people of the world made the biggest strike worldwide against the latest Iraqi war in 2003, it proved to be a less effective or theatrical act and could not stop the war machine.

In addition, civilians are also tortured by US, at least in Iraq, being deprived of  all fundamental human rights. And the US leaders have been trying to oppress the public to blink the facts on these real (war) crimes.

This is absolutely unacceptable!

Although, Chief of CIA Tenet has resigned, the problem is still there.

So, the public have to oppress back these illegal leaders (please do not forget that Bush became a President in unfairly manner) and punish them for their crimes to avoid such insupportable cases in future.

You, dear readers, cannot be out of these tragic moments of the world, because these events can influence your life. Those who could not lead the people on the right way cause others to waste  time, money and even lives.

Please, control the world and its leaders, at least as responsible voters, to save your and your children's lives, and do not give it up until justice, freedom and democracy will come true!

Zoltan SZ

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova