Kvas: No American is aggressive

The idea that the USA can attack Russia, is nonsense. No war produces good outcome.

Believe me, Americans do not intend to fight against anybody. I have been living in the USA not so long, but I encountered no aggressive American who could be compared with Russian skinheads so far. Americans just want a quiet life for themselves. To achieve this, they do crazy things sometimes. The outlook and the deeds of George Bush cannot be applied to the entire American people, as Stalin’s and Hitler’s wrongdoings have little in common to the peoples they represented.

Instead of speaking about wars, Russia had better improve its economy. For example, to grow high level computer programmers, to train managers for manufacturing commercial products.

India adopted the state program on hi-tech development, and as a result, half of Microsoft projects are made in India.

This made big revenue for the state budget, and it is better than selling all the country’s oil.

It take about two years to train the computer programmer on a medium level, no equipment is needed except for computers...


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova