Catine E. Perkins: Future of Russian people

From a recent article in PRAVDA:

"I think Russia's national core can hardly be weakened, despite the aspirations of Brzhezinsky, CIA and some our "democrats" to make Russia break up. Four more aggressive states can arise instead of one Russia, and I am afraid that in this case the world community will have urgent need to fight for united Russia".

Dear Editors:
Of course, this article had my brain going "80 miles an hour down a gravel road!" Many analogies came to mind and I shall spare you examples of this on a village level thus encompassing "Historical Property!"

Also there are always political connocations of dividing my State of Texas, thus my literary and historical lens have a different view.

I also believe newspaper language is without a soul but being a speed reader, I take some trips but, quickly, as possible.
Since my ancient Russian genetic memory has been prфyed open in the last decade, my impressions have changed. Opinions mean very little to me.

Russians live on this endless sea thus, it's self a boundless plain. It is possible that their nation found for itself a place on this frail earth, which corresponds best to its inner most inclinations. It is also possible that their land conveys it's character to their souls. The connection is very deeply embedded.

Is not the spirit of the plain, the spirit of the Russian People? Does not the literature convey this?

Also the "top" heavy intellectual aspect is still balanced with the soil, for even in Moscow, I noted that the dacha was entwinged with their spirit.

A balance, if lost, of which, I doubt, would change this irrational, energetic peoples. I believe this aspect is,  too deeply, etched on that Russian Soul, thus any changes are truly superficial.

Is not  the Great Western Civilization somewhat aghast to find Russians so subterraneously intact, after over seventy years of horror?  This in itself brings about a fear. Understanding some of the subliminal aspects of fear and competition in humanities, in general, is utmost and the intellectuality, that is "top heavy" misses so much, in these areas.

Some cultures are born with propaganda abilities but Russians, for centuries have been taught by the religion, not to be boastful, along with all that super-imposed meekness, so  this is not a Russian strong point.

Yet, I can see a change of attitude even in Patriarch Alexy II, in this area, so we know not, what is changed; what is gained: but we human beings must have faith also understand that tomorrow everything      
can change thus, hopefully for the "better!"

Seemingly, to me, the Russian energy is only aroused by certain happenings, but with elemental force, when it comes to anyone threading on their soil.

This energy of tension and expectation is used in their creativity of music, literature and arts, but invasion transforms everything with these peoples.

Governments cannot nor will not change relationships between peoples and this is an area that most humanity cannot come to terms by accepting this. Newspapers fail us gravely in this area, also.

It must come from the peoples THEMSELVES but then, this responsibility must be taken by the masses thus not only a few.

But yet, having said that, as an American, one person can make a difference, so you figure.

Our American Founders of our Nation,somehow subliminally understood this but from time to time, our collective moral compass goes astray, as this does in other nations, cultures and religions.

Russia will make adaptations, as we all must do, but the flow of blood must be stopped by the world, as a whole. This must cease and the outcry must be loud and strong by all peoples. This I believe.

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova