E Albert: USA is broken RESPONSE

Dear Editors:
Well, I guess you'll print almost anything, but the Eduardo Femeria item: "USA is broken" is just dead wrong!  To even think that the USA would invade the Ukraine is nuts.  One lesson every US military officer learns in training is about the World War II battles in Russia and the Ukraine - no one in their right mind would expect to "invade" the Ukraine or Russia and "win".  The entire world knows how Russia and the Ukraine (and other former Soviet Republics) fought and bled for every meter of their land and, more importantly, how they have repulsed every invader.  Better to be open and trade peacefully for oil or other resources. Americans aren't your enemy and we truly want you to be free and prosperous.  That's the Truth (Pravda)!
E Albert
Lt.Col, USAFR, Ret
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova