George Person: "Russia should balance its political and economic alliances"

Response to the article

The Russian strategy for the next 20 years should be one of balancing the equation of political and economic alliances.
Be friends with each region according to the needs to maintain friendly relations.
Although Russia is taken aback by their diminished role as a world power, it can be used to their advantage---can Russia really expect the West and the United States to pump in billions upon billions of dollars of hard currency into the Russian economy, without a hard change in political attitude from the great and mighty Russian bear?!
With the Russian genius fully financed , and Russian banks brimming with greenbacks, it will be just a matter of time, when Russia emerges as a freshly redesigned society soaring into the sky and outer space--without their wings clipped from the errors of a past era--when Russia pitted itself against the Western world, after crawling out of a graveyard, claiming victory against the Germanic  invaders of WW2.
So, even if Russia wants to be left alone, it can't work----economically---politically, it may be wise...for the Chinese may be upset by the alteration in the balance of power if Russia tips its hat towards western civilization--forming an alliance which makes the Chinese nervous militarily....however, the Chinese fear the Russians, for they know a if they tangle with Russia, the spirit of Ivan the Terrible will be unleashed upon their culture armed with nukes.....instead of gunpowder.......
The United States poses the most unique possibilities.....the United States is a country which in theory, a man or woman of Russian descent can rise to the Presidency...if this were to happen, then truly a golden era will come over Russia.....What Russia must accept from this man or woman, is his love for the American society, and his willingness to defend the constitution from its enemies, with the full weight of the American arsenal....
Russia should be intrinsically drawn to American society and values.....even if implementing them poses greater problems....for the United States is a great soul of people from which citizens of Russian descent play a very great flexible Russia....have a balanced equation, which your business partners respect...
You will have the society of plenty and a land of the free....where the heart of the Russian really wants to be......
George Person

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov