Tony Blizzard: "Not all Americans are shallow and uninformed"

This is to inform your readers that not all Americans are as shallow and uninformed as the person who sent the "laughing at you" letter. 
Some of us understand the hell average Russians went through during the past century and realize that foolish America will not learn from Russia's experience so is headed for the same hell.  Our own band of "oligarchs" will make sure of that.  We have several "KGBs" at work against our population these days.  As long as the rulers call it "security" or "patriotism" the brain dead go along.

Some of us also see that Bush & company are trying to surround and co-opt Russia's (as well as the Arab countries') oil reserves for their own in cooperation with Israel (erroniously known to Americans as "the only democracy in the Middle East"), which rouge bunch will gain "greater Israel" out of the deal.

How can any American be arrogant enough to be "laughing" at other nations when our "only super power in the world" can't even maintain an illegal invasion of Iraq, a tiny country devastated for 12 years with bombings and sanctions into helplessness?  America's vaunted power is the joke.  While the troops run out of ammunition, the "neocons" (oligarchs to you?) are losing their grip back home among those in the know.  But "Joe Sixpack" is oblivious to all the internal power battles.  He just waves his flag and buries his son when some Iraqi gets tired of seeing him kill Iraqis - as though for fun - and ends his game.

America may have begun with a high moral agenda based on Christianity but it has been usurped by underhanded wantabe oriental despots of the worst kind.  I don't buy into the Muslim "kill the infidels" religion, but they aren't too far off the mark with their "great satan" accusations.

Tony Blizzard

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova