Jeff Wenker: My offer of solution for Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Every parent knows the rote response to the smart aleck child pointing out hypocrisy, "Do as I say, not as I do." 
So, what should our good little boy in the Middle East, our bastion of democracy and anti-terrorism, Israel, think when he hears us blathering on hypocritically about freedom and sovereignty.  What happened to our Palestinians?  What happened to the native Americans?  Ironically, it is our efforts at helping, assuaging centuries of guilt with efforts of compensation, throwing money or the ability to make money at the problem, viz., casinos, that is making our hypocrisy so apparent.  How do we tell Israel what to do with Palestinians when the only answer we had to the "Indian Problem" other than "Kill them all" (see Col. Kurtz's final report in Apocalypse Now) was the Mohegan Sun?

Well, maybe that is the answer.  Let's just skip the rest of the killing and bombing and blaming and talking, and go right to the blackjack tables and Keno girls.  There are plenty of experienced people in the gaming industry here in the US that could serve as "contractors" in Gaza, and I don't think any of them work for Kellog, Brown and Root or any other Halliburton subsidiary, although I could be wrong.  I don't think we'd have to turn this job over to The Carlysle Group, I'm fairly certain the forces of evil divided the seven deadly sins to avoid antitrust issues.  Gambling, as everyone who has watched movies or television in the last 30 years could tell you, falls under the purview of the Mafia.  So, there we have it, we empty our prisons of mobsters and racketeers, send them to the Middle East so they can establish casinos where secular Israelis could go to fund a real Palestinian economy.  It worked in Nevada. We could turn Hebron into the new Havana!
Jeff Wenker
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova