Pangea: "Africa and South America were one continent in the form of dinosaur head"

I enjoyed reading the article "700 million years ago Earth encountered major changes". This fact about the Earth continents being connected is very interesting to me because of a discovery I made a few years ago that surprised me. The discovery was that when the continent of South America overlaps the Western part of Africa, the two continents begin to appear as the head of a prehistoric dinosaur. South America is the lower right side of the jaw bone and Africa is the right side of the skull, and Lake Victoria in Africa is the right eye of the dinosaur, (as seen in my enlosed picture).  I understand that for many years scientists have been studying the continental drift and they believe the same as I do - that the continents were all connected together to form a Super Continent, but only when overlaping South America onto Africa the face can be seen.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova