Ukraine's cooperation with the United States will be its guillotine

Ukraine: Hitching its cart to America’s warhorse will be its downfall

Ukraine's shift from Yanukovych to Poroshenko and, now, Zelensky has been a series of tragic and rapidly, escalating mistakes. Of course, none of this can be taken out of context and must be carefully examined with Ukraine's long, complex history in mind. Decisions of the recent past — based on historical events and simmering, decades-long animosities — are at the basis of these mistakes and arrant miscalculations.

Ukraine has not been able to move past the 1930s, and mistakes on both sides, which have influenced Zelensky's recent decision to hitch his cart to the European Union, NATO, and America's warhorse to save it from its imaginary enemy to the east. Unfortunately, this decision is flawed and will prove fatal.

On the path to self-destruction

If we examine Ukraine's, turbulent history, one can see that its location has always been a crossroads between people of Europe and Asia, its migrant populations, its shifting political alliances, ever-shifting borders, and historic, warring nations. To be caught in the middle of these political and cultural intrigues, and vortexes, is never an enviable place to be and may prove to be the "Achilles heel' for this northern, European nation.

Ukraine is also a nation at war with itself and its past, and as long as these "ghosts- of-the-past' haunt its memories and cloud its judgment, it will be doomed to failure and have no prospect of peace in its foreseeable future. And, whether its leader is Viktor Yanukovych, Viktor Yushchenko, Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko or Volodomyr Zelensky, Ukraine's dark memories are leading it down a path of self-destruction.

At the moment, Ukraine's leaders jump from one bed of hot coals to another hoping for a cool landing but each descent is hotter than the last. When Yanukovych disappointed Ukrainians with a sudden switch from agreements with the EU and then pinning his hopes and dreams on Russia, its enraged population reacted with violent protests, the Orange Revolution, and Yanukovych's ousting and exile. This "supposedly' ended one problem, but a series of new problems erupted.

With wild hopes, vivid dreams, and copious imaginings of a Western-style life as seen on television and movie screens, Ukrainians were fatally attracted to the glitter and glamour of Hollywood, and the West, where streets are "paved with gold', life is good, people are forever happy, money abounds, and everyday matters go on without problems or strife. In addition to these golden dreams came the glowing promises from Western governments of generous financial aid, boundless free trade, a respected seat in West Europe and Western world, and the beautiful life afforded by Pax Americana.

To date, none of these imaginings have come to fruition and, in fact, the situation has gotten much worse. Ukraine's condition can only now be described as "critical' or "dire', at best, with a prognosis of "prepare-for-the-worst'. The "Great Ukrainian Hope', Volodomyr Zelensky, has failed Ukraine like the rest and only a miracle from above will save him now.

I am certain that we all have friends whom we know are highly intelligent but, yet, have observed them doing silly things which often defy reason. Such is the case with Ukraine; hitching its cart to America's warhorse is the worst decision it could possibly make, and will ultimately lead to disaster.

Anyone who has ever had dealings with America soon learns one lesson — America is only interested if the end result is entirely in its favour. It is definitely not the altruistic nation it pretends to be, and anyone who believes that America is there to help Ukraine also believes in the "tooth fairy'.

Misery with no hope in sight 

America has no interest in Ukraine whatsoever. It has no love for its people, and it has little or no interest in bi-lateral trade to elevate Ukraine's position in Europe or the world stage. America has only one interest in Ukraine and that is to use it as a bloody battleground to test their land-based, conventional weapons, and nothing more.

For America, and the American people, it is best that Ukraine is destroyed, their homes burned and flattened, that Ukrainians die by the hundreds of thousands and that their cities are razed to the ground. The horrors of war are better played out in fields and cities of Ukraine and East Europe rather than in America.

Zelensky once brought his audience laughter, but now he brings them to tears with his dubious policies and political leanings. By courting the West, he is selling Ukraine's soul to the devil, and soon there will be no turning back.

Ukraine needs to mend fences and be on neighbourly terms with Russia which provides them with gas to heat their homes in winter, lumber, timber, coal, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automobiles, transportation equipment, etc.

America, on the other hand, will provide Ukraine with hollow promises, false hopes, heartache, death and destruction, a long, dreary life of bank loans, endless interest payments, and a slow, miserable death through its system of modern-day, economic slavery.

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Author`s name David Harasym
Editor Dmitry Sudakov