Y. Miran: Ex-Iraqi citizen about Saddam and US policy

I am a former Iraqi citizen (I spent 26 years of my life there and 7 years in my new country - Holland).
Most of the well-educated people writing about Iraq, have never lived in this country, and for this reason I want you to read the opinion of the person who lived in Iraq in the time of Saddam Hussein. 

Iraq was a huge prison, the tyranny as under Hitler, Genghis Khan, Timor Lung. 

I will compare more Timor Lung with Saddam Hussein, because they were both Bandits, they might compete which of them killed more innocent people. 

Saddam knew how to use the conflict between the East and the West in his own interests.

Under his rule Iraq belonged to him and his family, and all Iraqis were slaves of him and his family rule, by the name of Allah Akbar, he killed and robbed, his sons raped and killed and used humans like toys. But what was interesting, at that time the East and the West were competing to get a footage of interests there, with no consideration of humanity, and all time victims were the Iraqi people. Saddam produced generations of criminals and human butchers.

What was regretful that even Palestinians were not sympathetic with Iraqi people, they were demonstrating and raising the portraits of Saddam Hussein (the real life vampire), they never realized that they insulting the Iraqi people by their acts.

Time came, and the interests of the USA and UK started contradicting the goals of the Iraqi regime. All the things were reconsidered then, Saddam became the worst human being while he was not like this in their eyes just a while ago. Although he used chemical weapons against his people, and  his atrocities continued until the Gulf wars. The only victims  were the Iraqi people, which lived under the worst economic blockage which humanity saw, while Mr. President Saddam was still in his money glory and by partnership with some UN official stealing Iraqi oil, like in old times. 

Then the decision to overthrow him, was made, but not for the sake of human rights, not for the interests of Iraqi people, no, they simply felt shame for all the friendly years with Saddam, while he was doing these atrocities.

So came the golden word of the holy American people interests, or let me say it by another words, WMD, but Saddam was not the new owner of this kind of weapons, he had them already on a large scale, and pointed not only towards the West, but to his own people.

Let me put all this in some simple words: USA wants to say "We can create monsters, and only, we can destroy it, and when it comes to oil, we have no mercy".

I think I forgot to write that there are still the ghost which is out of Aladdin ancient lamp, USA touched the lamp and he is out and doesn't want to go in again, the Al-Qaida,  USA asks for help, and I say this is big boys toys, never touch it again, if you could get it again inside. 

Y. Miran


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova