From Abu Garib to Abu Garob

Simplistic solutions for simpletons by the functionally illiterate Bush.
George Bush has a simplistic, at-a-stroke solution for his many troubles - sweep them under the carpet, smile broadly and pretend they did not happen.

Hand over power in Iraq, demolish the medieval torture chamber called Abu Ghraib and hey presto! What a wonderful new world we live in!

The bad guy has gone, so have his sons, the regime has been defeated, the Iraqi people are free, welcome to freedom and democracy, Washington-style.

The USA pulls out of Iraq, a squeaky-clean modern democracy, mission accomplished, the boys are back home. So...Let's party!

However, the real world is not so limited, the real world is not a rosy-coloured perfect scenario which George Bush will have read in his comics in his childhood (it is well known he prefers books with lots of pictures). The real world is not based on the cowboy-type "You are with us or against us" approach.

Much as George Bush would like to be John Wayne, he has neither the class, not the intelligence, instead appearing more like the drunken low-lifes at the OK Corral.

George Bush once again stiffs his people, stiffs the world. He is not intending to pull out of Iraq. He is intending to keep some 138.000 troops there in permanent military bases, targets for attacks so long as they occupy territory which is not theirs, and a permanent source of justifications for on-going attacks against civilians in the USA. Instead of reducing the security threat, George Bush increases it exponentially.

Iraq is not ready for a hand-over of power because the illegal act of butchery called the "War" has left Iraq without a State. The illegal act of butchery also left thousands of people without loved ones, many of these children. They do not and will not forget. The illegal act of butchery which targeted civilian infrastructures (war crimes), which left cluster bombs in
civilian areas (war crimes), which left DU munition fragments in cities (war crimes) has left the people of Iraq,  the Arab Nation, and a substantial slice of the population of the world, with a sullen and deep-rooted hatred of Washington and anything American.

This is the legacy of Bush, this is the legacy of his simplistic solutions for simpletons, believing as he does that the people of the United States of America are as stupid as he is or as evil as his regime.

Demolishing Abu Ghraib (not Garib nor Garob) does not justify what happened there, it does not clear the slate. The systematic acts of torture perpetrated there not by "a few" but by many American citizens will not, and must not, be forgotten. Let these tortures and this shocking act of butchery
be the legacy of the Bush regime.

Let George Bush and his inability to master the English language and speak intelligibly be a constant reminder of his incompetence to be in his position. He has cost his workers two hundred thousand million dollars of their hard-earned money (which they will have to pay, but they don't know it yet), he has involved his country in an illegal war, he has made Americans war criminals, he is responsible for an act of mass murder, he is responsible for purposefully destroying civilian structures, including homes, with military equipment, he is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and mutiliations (over 45,000 collectively), he is responsible for
blasting away the futures of a thousand children, he is responsible for leaving swathes of Iraqi territory with dangerously high levels of radiation.

And he thinks he can demolish Abu Ghraib and pretend that the USA pulled out of Iraq, leaving the paltry sum of 138,000 troops behind?

He acts like the husband who got drunk, kicked the dog, fell off his bicycle and had an altercation with a biscuit and the morning after agrees to everything his wife says, smiling broadly, trying to pretend everything is rosy.

This may be OK for Western Texas. It is unacceptable for a President of the United States of America. Time for regime change. This man stiffed the world.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova