Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey replies to David Brewster

David Brewster wrote

If the difference between Saddam Hussein's regime and the Bush regime is that the first tortured and killed most prisoners and the second tortured but killed only a few, I believe that this is an extremely weak defence of the Bush regime.

I see that many of you like to justify your own failures by attacking Russia. In your case you mention Afghanistan. Let me tell you that the government of Dr. Najibullah, a Communist one, was the most progressive and socially successful that this country has ever seen, the government that was wholly destabilized by the USA's training, aiding and abetting of the Mujaheddin, which later transformed into the Taleban, which caused the government to request the assistance of the USSR.

The Armed Forces of the USSR patrolled all of Afghanistan and were not holed up in Kabul and Kandahar. I can tell you that if your armed forces were to expose themselves like the Soviets did, they would have suffered the same casualties.

As for the military prowess of the US Armed Forces, let me also tell you that in military terms, they fight like cowards. If someone is shooting 200 metres ahead, airpower is called in to blast the area around, whether or not there are women or children at risk. This is why your armed forces are permanently involved in "collateral damage", a shocking euphemism for murder.

But hey! What does Washington care? The lives of the "boys" are more important than Iraqi kids, aren't they? Especially in an illegal war based on lies and forged documents.

By the way, have your boys found any WMD yet? No? Oh that's strange, I thought they had said that they knew where they were, I mean Colin Powell presented all those maquettes in the UNO building, or was he lying through his teeth like the rest of the regime?

As for Saddam and Bush, yes, Saddam murdered people. He also had them tortured. But then again, Bush is responsible for mass murder too. And now, torture. So if Saddam had to go, then logically, so must Bush.

Time for regime change. George Bush stiffed the world.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov