David Brewster: "Private Lynndie England - the great American heroine" by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

"Did Saddam Hussein's regime torture prisoners? Yes.
Does George Bush's regime torture prisoners? Yes.
Did Saddam Hussein's regime conduct an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation? Yes.
Did George Bush's regime conduct an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation? Yes."

Tim, you of course fail to mention that few if any prisoners lived after Saddams torture chambers. That prisoners disappeared forever. And it was soldiers under George Bush who committed the torture where Saddam actually had people shot/murdered/tortured by his direct command and with his personal knowledge. You squew facts like a western journalist. Bravo! Now that Pravda is no longer just a communist mouthpiece (or is it?), it's refreshing to see the greatest flaws of Western journalism appearing with such consistency in publications like Pravda. Shallow analysis backed by bias driven gusto. I'm sure Saddam and his plan to rid Iraq of overpopulation by murdering millions must have some equal in American politics but I've yet to see it. As for your attack on American soldiers not being good without the tech or air support one only has to look to Afghanistan and the miserable Russian failure even when backed by gunships and Migs. Sadly thousands died trying to hold that country and I have no doubt the greatest achievement there was the ability to maintain absolute silence about Russian war atrocities. Of course, the Americans are holding two countries aren't they with independent journalists covering everything. Hopefully you have as plucky a sense of humor about Russian problems as you do towards the American problems, but I doubt that.

Is Bushs future limited now politically? Of course, he barely made it in last time. While you crow about his failures you have missed the most important part about the American system vs Saddams government. You can write dissenting articles against a leader, you can vote for or against a leader, you can call from him to be removed, he can be held accountable for crimes he commits. Under Saddam you would be simply executed and buried in an unmarked grave for a similar article like this written against him. With your obviously self prized skills at drawing parallels between Saddam and Bush, you left out that little fact. In future I hope for a more credible, less emotionally driven articles from you. Seems to me you need to set the better example rather than stooping to Western sensationalism.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova