David McDougall: Americans and Nazis???

Regarding Bancroft-Hinchey's article about Nazi, I mean American, Private England, what an incredible rant! Whiile some of the article has merit, most of it is absolute rubbish. What is most distressing is the comparison between the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners to acts perpetrated against the
Jews and others by Hitler's regime. To do so is to trivialize the horrible acts of brutality of the Third Reich. Mr. Bancroft-Hinchey needs to get a grip and read his history books. Yes, Iraqi prisoners were mistreated and humiliated by American soldiers and those soldiers will be punished. As an American, and the son of fathers and grandfathers who bailed his country's chestnuts out of the fire, I deeply resent Hinchey's comparison. He should attempt to subdue his seething hatred of America and try to be more objective in his writing.

David McDougall


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova