Felipe J. Ramirez: The US is still best democracy in the world, even with negative propaganda

Dear Sirs,
In response to the letter dated on May 17th from the French born Mr. Castay, I must say that after such a long time of living in the U.S., I am surprised to see that his English is not much better than that of an illegal Mexican, especially coming from such an educated Frenchman as he claims to be. Actually, I strongly suspect that he may be of Arab French and Arab German origin by the way he prophecies about the future of the U.S. and condemns the so-called "American Jewish press".

Compared with the rest of the nations, U.S. residents and citizens have oportunities to develop to their highest potential professionally, unlike many European countries, including even the most advanced such as Spain where I am from.

Sooner or later, corruption in the U.S. is always unveiled and punished.  There is real freedom of press, including even anti-American press coming from the liberal media (CNN, Newsweek etc). Regarding living standards, the poor Americans could easily compare to middle class in some parts of Europe, where so many young fellows can not even afford a small apartment and need to live with their families until they are quite old. One of the strengths of this country is precisely the middle class, hard working people making a living and being able to enjoy their earnings and their free time with their families.

This is the only generous democracy in history that has shown a social mentality, for example, rebuilding and developing its former enemy countries (Japan, Germany, etc.) to first world countries in less than fifty years.

If something really hurts the American people, it is people who, despite their hatred and envy of the US, still come here to take advantage of the possibilities offered to everyone, including Mr. Claude Joseph Castay,  who after the years living in his so called "mediocre country" goes back to his home land to receive retirement benefits from the country he hates so much while writing hate letters against it.
If this is what Mr. Castay considers "civilization", any country should consider it a compliment to be considered "uncivilized" by such a man.
Felipe J. Ramirez


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova