Gringo: Ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

Pravda biased?...Well, if you consider having an opinion of the US that just happens to agree with the the other 99% of the world then you are right.

If the people of the US would get off their fat lazy butts and stand up for what they know is right (like they used to), then the Georgey and his semi evolved simian crony's would have be dealt with long ago.

We are a lazy people that live in a fantasy world that encourages passing the buck.

The White House is led by a failed oilman, twice saved alcoholic Jesus freak that claims to be guided by God....need I say more?

The US has rapidly climbed to number 1 in several areas: #1 world distrust, #1 highest debt and has surely surpassed Binney Boy for the #1 spot in the category of State sponsored terrorism.

The US is currently a bigger liability to the world than an asset under the Bush reghime and it is for that very reason  that the World community needs to stand up to the US.

Another way to get the US's attention is economic isolation, this would be highly effective since the US outsources over 60% of what it does.

It's going take time to get the US back on track but the most important thing the the US really needs to do is insure that this situation NEVER happens again.

"Power Corrupts, Ultimate Power Corrupts Ultimately", no truer words have ever been spoken.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova