Jon: Why does the world condemn America all the time?

What really is of interest to me is how the world seems to condemn America all the time.

It does not matter if Bush or even Carter was President.  America is the greatest country on the earth and many people are envious of that.  In America everyone has access to a better standard of living if they work and are motivated.   In this country people of different races and religions can coexist without killing each other.  The Middle East can not make that claim.  So please stop writing things that are not true and against my adopted country. 

As an American, I am tired of other countries not being accountable and helping.  These other countries cower and do not do what is right. People tend to forget that if we Americans were so heartless and cold we would have clamored for just dropping a nuclear bomb on the country. 

The real problem is that Middle Eastern extremists do not know what it is to compromise.  Until they figure out how to live in peace with us and others, we will wipe them out.  Or hopefully the Iraqis will be braver and make a sacrifice to take ownership/control of their own country and
control these extremists.  So just so you know, Bush will be in for another 4 years to finish what has started in Iraq.

Good day.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov