Paul Beall: PRAVDA, grow up!

Since I have been reading your website on an off for the past year I have try to read your articles and opinions in a totally objective manner and with an open mind. 
However, this has been made difficult by your ever increasing attacks on America as an evil country.  I know that opinions are subjective, but your journalistic articles are supposed to be objective.  Your paper seems to have forgotten that. 

When I first read your paper it seemed that anti-American articles and opinions constituted 25% - 35% of your paper's total content.  Now, it seems more than 50% of your articles/opinions focus solely on America and they all usually conclude that America is evil.  Perhaps you should stop publishing articles on Russian life and just focus 100% on America as being an evil country.  Lord knows it would be an easy job for a "former" propagandist newspaper such as Pravda.  In case you didn't recognize it, I am being sarcastic. 

You need to shift the focus of your paper and this is why.  You only create indifference and/or dissent with readers if all of your articles/opinions say the same thing, whether it be America is evil, aliens land in Novograd, or Stalin was seen with Elvis at the Hotel Lenin piano bar.  Your repetitive and regurgitated messages bore down the most stoic of readers.  Why don't you focus on true substantive issues, such as corruption in politics, the war in Chechnya, charitable organizations, the weather, the environment, the economy, etc.  And, maybe every now and then, just to stir up the masses and to give them a target to hate, throw in one of your highly subjective and mostly unsubstantiated articles/opinions on America that are more akin to the overly dramatic and flowery messages made by grand ayatollahs in Iran, i.e., that America is the Great Satan. 

I suspect that if you respond to this article you will either: A) make more exaggerated references as to why America is evil; B) say that you are not attacking the American people, but rather the American government; C) claim that your journalistic style is what your readers want; D) claim that your paper is not subjected to the objective/subjective standard practiced by western journalists; or E) ignore my message all together and attack me personally as a person who chooses to ignore the great wrong doings being done by American GIs
against innocent Iraqi civilians.  Don't misunderstand me, I hate that truly innocent Iraqi civilians are being killed during the Iraq conflicts and that sadistic people who neither deserve to be called Americans nor soldiers perform alien, inhumane and bizarre acts upon Iraqi detainees; however, I need to remind you of an old Arab proverb that says that he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones; meaning, where is your outrage at the innocent civilians being killed in Chechnya, whether it be by the Russian military, the Chechen paramilitary, rebels insurgents, or Islamic fundamentalists?  Have you chosen to ignore this or have you chosen to justify it by claiming that the killing of civilians is the fault of the rebels and Islamic fundamentalists only? 

Again, don't misunderstand me; war is not a good thing.  People have the right to live without the fear of their family and home being destroyed just because two governments or two religions or two sides can't agree to disagree with one another.  But, the tendency for violent confliction is still integrated into the very kernel of human nature.  Not American
nature, not Russian nature, but rather human nature.  That means me and the reader of this diatribe.  That's because we are all still children ascending (or some may say descending) the evolutionary ladder.  And, until we grow up, stop living on false pride, listen to the original messages of religious founders and truly understand their meanings, and began to respect people of all colors and classes, we will continue to kill one another, rather it be for the advocacy of specific agendas (such as by governments) or by sadistic freaks who for whatever reason take pride in performing evil things.

But, I digress from my original message.  That message was basically this -- Pravda, grow up.  Be a real newspaper and not a tool for a hateful agenda.

Until then, peace be with you.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova