Russia should invest more in social programs, not in military

Dear Sir, 

I'm a person from Holland, with Dutch nationality and Iraqi Kurd origin, from long ago I wanted to give some comments about some common issues in the Russian Federation, well I liked and still like to read Pravda, and my feeling toward every nationality is equal, but what I see or what I think that Russia in need of , is the internal arrangements, this is the only way to fight any outside enemies, produce more social security institution to help people who can't get work, invest more in civilian affairs and not military affairs, this is my opinion for Pravda to help and use it is pen and opportunity to stimulate politicians to do that, what made Russia loose it is cold war was not only dictatorism, but it was the lack of economic plans, investing too much in military techniques and neglecting all the investing which was in the interests of civilians, like good houses, more agricultural techniques, making more comfortable spheres for life...

Y. Miran

The Hague, Holland

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova