Point-X: America is NOT leaving Iraq anytime soon

The reaction reflected by the author of that letter is just exactly what I think someone wanted. Anger at Iraqi's. The fact that there is no identifiable Iraqi to be mad at lends some amount of incredibility to the act. And taking the "word" of anything connected to US intelligence is stupid.

Listen, I have terrible feelings about this myself but the timing is really strange. The sanctions against Syria, the  embarrassment over the torture pictures, the fact that Mr. Berg was IN US CUSTODY just before this, THE ORANGE "PRISON" jumpsuit, the color of the walls being the same as the prison, the blanket used on the floors, the man with the white sneakers, the fact all the guys in the back carry themselves funny, and on and on.

The hardest thing for us to get our minds around is the constant statements of Bush and his regime that he is taking Democracy and Freedom to the people of Iraq. Not to mention that there was never a declaration of war by congress. Not to mention that Bush stood in front of the nation and said Saddam had this weapon and that poison gas and so on. Bush LIED to the world and even claimed Saddam was starting up a nuclear program. Damn it, He Lied, He Lied!.
Ok so now what? Come on, America spent billions on weapons to BLOW UP ELECTRIC AND WATER facilities and then SPENT BILLIONS rebuilding them! And everywhere you look, Bechtel and Haliburton IS THERE! Just put Bechtel and any country name in Google and you will see what I mean. Remember, part of getting funding from IMF requires you allow foreign ownership of major portions of infrastructure among other things and Bechtel and Haliburton are always there! This aggression against Iraq has so many facets but all of them lead back to Bush and Oil and control of the largest fresh water supply in the region and in part the continuation of American Imperialism.

Look, America got another group of bases out of the deal. Look, America is NOT leaving Iraq anytime soon, and by some predictions will be there for years. Now that America has openly targeted Syria and Iran, yes oil exporters, isn't it convenient America has a force right there.

Follow this thing backwards, Who benefited from the killing of Mr. Berg? The actions of those killers outraged AS MANY Iraq citizens as it did Americans. I do not pretend to have all the answers. If there is any "BlowBack" that will come out of all of this, it is that ever single day more and more people are looking first for the truth before jumping to conclusions. Long gone are the days when we can "Trust" any political leader blindly. Before getting mad, upset and angry, just ask yourself .Who really wins by those kinds of actions?

I for one believe that we have the ultimate power, OUR WALLETS! Keep yours in your pocket, and no one has what they really want, Your Money!


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov