Mike Jarvis: Chechnya and Iraq are absolutely different things (reply to Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey)

After speaking to many poeple on my several trips to russia, being British, when i ask about the truth behind Chechnya, the most intelligent answer for them to me is...
Northern Ireland, what were your soldiers doing over there they said to me.  Well didn't leave me anything to reply in response! 
Everyone i speak to in Russia states that most people of Chechnya want a quiet life as Russian citizens.  As you said Chechnya is after all part of Russia.  Iraq has not & will never be part of the USA.  The term "Russians invaded Chechnya" really bugs me, thats like saying the US army has invaded
Los Angeles or the British army has invaded Brighton!

Also on the point of atrocities, as Timothy says, that was a long time ago, if Stalin's crimes are still current and legitimate, then surely the USA massacre of the native American Indians is far worse, or the slavery of African people (imported to be slaves & then beaten & murdered when they
decide they want to be free!). Or how about the crusades of the British Empire? Maybe we should look back on the last time the British lost the war in Iraq? Or how about the terrorist George Washington who in the same fashion as the current Iraqi Resisitance fought the British Army for Independance & Sovreignty.  Independence Day 4 July is technically an Anti-British Celebration!!! A lot of people in Russia still admire Stalin despite his reputation, and also it's worth noting that the USA & British may not have won WWII if it were not for Stalin.  To quote a top USA General of WWII (who's name escapes me but i can find out tonight), "The Greatest Military Acheivement of All Time".

Mike Jarvis

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova