"My sympathy for Iraq has been transformed into contempt"

I just watched the video of Nick Bergs brutal execution at the hands of animals and am disgusted, sickened and saddened for his family and anyone else who had to witness that horrific scene.

Any sympathy I may have had for Iraq has certainly been transformed into sheer contempt after viewing the true face of what our kids are facing over there.

Anyone who would accuse this nation of abusing prisoners should take a long hard look at that video and see what real prisoner abuse is and while they are watching they should put the face of their child, spouse or sibling in Nick Bergs place and ask themselves how they would react now!

Its not the politically correct thing to do but it's time we took the gloves off and started dealing with these thugs like the Israeli's do, show no mercy.
One would think that after nearly 4 years since 911 countless american bodybags and two snuff films later, Danny Pearle and now Nick Berg, we would have figured out they aren't going to show us any!


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova