Jane: Mr.Bush, do you REALLY sorry about torturing Iraqi prisoners? I think not

How stupid do you think the American people are?  How many of us have served in the armed forces?  Let me think ... I'd say about 20% of the population.  Given a common business fact that it takes 3% of a population to know a simple truth before they will be able to inform 100% of the population, your deception will be about 100% ineffective.
Admit it.  You ordered the torture of Iraqis.  No one who has served in the military will believe otherwise.  We follow orders, from the top down.  We know how it works.  And remember, in our oath we state that we will defend our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.  I hope to God we do exactly that.  You really need to go.
You watched the Sep11 attacks happen live.  Now tell me, how could you watch the first plane go into the building live without foreknowledge?  You said you did on two separate occasions.  It was not a one time slip up.  It was not a mix of words.  You planned it, you did it and then screwed millions of people for it.  You are domestic enemy number one.
But that's ok.  I'm sure Diebold and all the other vote fraud shills will get you back into office, no matter how much the people hate you.  You will hide behind your bullet proof glass, always announcing where you have been, but never stating where you are going.  You will ensure that the good men of this country are incapacitated with the divorce and child support laws, and will in the end have even more millions of so-called "deadbeats" working for free in your (already the largest in the world) prison labor system.
It's nothing new, at least to mankind; even in the last 100 years it happened twice, once in Russia and once in Germany.  It's too  bad it is happening here.  You are no different than even Saddam, except for the fact that you have the ability to suck the blood of the most productive people on earth to fund your dirty deeds.  You are a real bastard, and will lead this planet into a period it may never recover from.  Yep, I'd bet you believe in the Bible; the apocalypse looks like your road map.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov