Laura Dexter. Comments from an avid reader

I am an avid reader of Pravda -- as well as the news and opinions from other European countries, plus the Middle East and Asia, among others. I read these publications in search of the facts, as factual reporting is being largely denied to the people of my country -- a place where the media have been poisoned by the lies, censorship and propaganda of our dictatorial leadership.

I read Pravda, because the opinions you express echo my own voice and conscience, as a human being who aspires to the sort of humanitarian values that are  blind to manmade boundaries like borders, race and religion -- as well as those values that are so self-evident, as to be innate.

I am writing to Pravda, today, to thank you for the light you continually shed on world politics. History has shown that, when evil is allowed to exist in the dark, it will only flourish and grow more heinous. I am one of many (many, many, many) citizens in my country who share the world's outrage over those crimes against humanity that have been committed by my government over the past 3 years. I thank you for your voice which is, vicariously, my voice, too.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov