Richard Greaves: I think the press makes too much of the torture issue

I think the press is making too much of the torture issue. It has come out that the place where it was done was an area designated for interrogation by intelligence agencies, and the torture was done by people to 'soften them up' for the interrogators. It should be remembered that there are about one billion Muslims in the world, and that it is a religion that approves of slavery. And it should be stressed that even though 'only 10 per cent of them are fundamentalist', or in my opinion potential terrorists, that that total is 100 million potential terrorists. These fundamentalists believe that whoever doesn't accept Islam are infidels, and should be killed.

Obviously this has to be the biggest threat to our civilization right now.  Russia has been having trouble with them for years. And in the future most of Europe probably will also. I think the answer to it all is to leave them alone. I have two friends who are Muslims, who aren't like that at all. It would be better for the peaceful ones to police the 'fanatics', but they must be afraid to. It should also be remembered that these 'fanatics' are extremely sincere, and totally believe that they're doing the right things. Such as killing the pregnant woman and her four children last week in Israel. I suppose they believe that was a holy act.

A few months ago the total number of terrorist acts in Israel was over nine thousand. If that happened in the United States, because we still have gun rights in our constitution,  you probably would have a hard time finding a Muslim still alive. And that is unfortunate for all the good ones. They are extremely nice people, and the last thing on their mind would be bothering someone else.

We should have left Iraq alone. Rumsfeld should have been canned for letting the prisoners free right after the fighting stopped last year, and for not responding to the requests of our military in the field. He's the Macnamara of Iraq. Micro managing with no physical or emotional involvement.  Just imagining his ideas will work. We send our officers to military schools to learn about war, and lately about keeping peace, but he knows better, huh? Scwartzkopf should have his job.

Everything would have ended a lot more peacefully. And we shouldn't have destroyed the country so much. We were supposed to be feeing them. Hopefully in the future the peaceful leaders of Islam will rise up and deal with the ones who cause trouble themselves. That is what is needed most. They are the only ones who can provide a lasting solution. I am sure the fundamentalists would say themselves if you leave us alone we'll leave you alone. Except for Israel. 

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov