Charles Fargo: Who are supposed to be the good guys and the bad guys?

As an American, I live and feel, disgrace, shame and embarrassment.  Given to the recent revelations in the media, pertaining to the treatment of  prisoners by the military in Iraq.  Whereas the lies were told that military insertion into that country were off.  Saddam was a threat to world peace, the United States, that the concept of terrorism emanated from Iraq toward the US.  Also that Saddam was a bad guy butcher mistreating his own population.  Really? 

I ask, The Butcher Bush and his sexually deviant government and military  perverts.  Are you any better than what you accused the so called bad boys in Iraq of?  A statement I find to be true very often.  One whom points an accusing finger is involved in what they accuse.  In my opinion such acts that have been reported in the media.  Are unforgivable.  May I also include, I have heard.  During the Iraq occupation, citizens of that country have been called.  Rag heads and sand niggers. Also they have been looked down upon as lesser by some of the solders involved there.  Really.  I question, who are supposed to be the good guys and the bad guys? 
There are two remarks that I heard emanate from  Mr. Bush, I wish I could call the master of disaster. That would be to kind a name.  The first was, God Bless America. The second recently was, I will change the world.  That can't even be regarded as(foot) in mouth.   May I say those remarks are as far from an oxymoron as they can get.  From what I learned and know about religion.  God, looks down upon sexual perversion.  Sodom and Gomorrah, kind of, were destroyed. Were they not? As to changing the world…  well I guess Bush and motley crew of evil doers certainly have changed the world. In numerous negative opinions that keep multiplying.  How many world citizens today would agree to the name given to the US some time ago.  As The (Great Satan) to the West?

Charles Fargo

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov