World's worst humanitarian crisis

Darfur - abandoned, isolated and ignored
As billions on USD are wasted on slaughtering the civilians of Iraq, the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe is happening, now, in southern Sudan, where one million people are destitute and have no means of sustenance.

Arab militia began to attack the Negro tribes in southern Sudan in February this year and a two-month orgy of murder, looting, rape and arson has left one million people homeless and without a livelihood, for their possessions were stolen, their homes were burned, their animals were killed, their womenfolk were raped and their crops were destroyed.

A UN team recently sent to the area to assess the damage and programme an aid package was shocked. The Executive Director of the World Food Programme, James Morris, declared to the press that "Displaced families are living in difficult and unacceptable conditions and they continue to fear for their lives".

The devastation and destruction is widespread. In Bandago, the UN teams found only three elderly men out of a previous total population of 250 families. In Korma, 49 people were summarily slaughtered in March and their wives and daughters were raped, in Kass, the local hospital is overwhelmed, since it has difficulty in coping in normal situations. In Mornei, a group of 60,000 people is entirely reliant on aid. The UN described the sanitation conditions as "abysmal".

Despite the ceasefire signed on 8th April, the situation continues to be catastrophic because the few people who tried to go back to their homes were attacked again, which has caused widespread panic. Furthermore, if these million people do not begin their planting season in the coming days, it will be too late, because the first heavy rains of June will wash away anything that has not taken root and will make the area impassable for aid programmes.

This being the case, the UN estimates that the entire region could become a human catastrophe area for the coming 18 months at least and urged the international community to provide funds.

This is the work of the United Nations Organization, which provides crisis management while helping countries in need or in danger of conflict to solve their problems by speaking together, the organization derided by George Bush as a useless "League" which he disrespected so totally in his murderous policy in Iraq.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov