The Forces of Evil

Gestapo-like behaviour by US Armed Forces
The shocking images of US military personnel standing around smiling and giving the thumbs up sign as Iraqi prisoners were tortured comes as no surprise. The surprise is that it took so long for the story to break. Why? Because there was a massive cover-up attempt by the Queen of Liars, Washington.

CBS News showed considerable courage in defying the US authorities who had tried to stop the story breaking, showing horrific scenes more befitting of a medieval torture chamber than a modern-day military intelligence operation conducted by civilized people from a civilized country.

This was not the case of a slap in the face for an obtuse prisoner, this was not a fist in the stomach from a tired sergeant who had been spat at. Iraqi men were stripped naked and beaten - one was beaten to death, only the pictures are too horrific to show it - one was photographed as a dog was set on him, some were forced to perform disgusting deviant sexual practices, such as sucking each others' penises, others were forced to suffer acts of sodomy by US military personnel, while pictures were taken, some were forced to form a human pyramid, naked, one was forced to stand on a box with electric wires round his testicles and penis.

This was not one isolated incident, perpetrated by one warped or irresponsible soldier, this was not one or two soldiers who went too far, without supervision. This is not the case of two or three soldiers who broke the rules of the Geneva Convention, nor four, or five, or six, or seven, or eight, or nine. Nor ten, nor eleven, nor twelve.

Nor thirteen, nor fourteen, nor fifteen. No less than seventeen soldiers have been suspended from duty after these acts of torture came to the public eye months after they took place at the end of 2003. This gives rise to the suspicion that these seventeen cases are just the tip of the iceberg, after the same sort of actions have been taken for many months, hidden from the press and the American public by the evil, lying and murderous Bush regime.

But what to expect from a regime which purposefully drops cluster bombs into civilian areas, one which makes a meal out of the treatment of a ten-year-old Iraqi boy in America - after his arms and legs were blown off and his entire family slaughtered by US military personnel who decided to drop a bomb on his house?

What to expect from a regime whose soldiers claim as their defense that they were not given any guidance as to how to conduct an investigation? So civilized people from the United States of America behave like this when they are not told not to tie wires around people's genitals, not to sodomize prisoners of war and not to beat them to death?

What to expect from a regime which lies to its people, lies to the world, disrespects fundamental international law and perpetrates a shocking act of butchery which has slaughtered ten thousand civilians, injured or mutilated thirty-five thousand others and left one thousand children without arms or legs or eyes because they picked up the brightly-coloured "sweets" that had been dropped near their homes, only to find they were fragments of cluster bombs, which blasted away their faces and their futures and their lives?

What to expect from a regime led by the only US President in history to have a criminal record, who gets a black eye and a split lip from eating a biscuit and whose grasp of basic English grammar is the subject of ridicule in primary-school language classes around the world? What to expect from a Pentagon led by the real-life version of the Riddler, Donald Rumsfeld, who can hardly utter an intelligible phrase in his language?

This regime is led by war criminals, by murderers, by assassins and by those whose forces perpetrate acts of institutionalized torture. This is not the Inquisition, this is not the Roman Colosseum, this is not a Gestapo torture chamber, this is not Dachau, or Auschwitz. We are not speaking about Saddam Hussein's torture chambers (were the US personnel captured by the Iraqis tortured? Was Jessica Lynch tortured?), we are not speaking about Hitler or Himmler or Goebels.

We are speaking about the evil regime led by George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell and Richard Cheney, better known as Dick. It comes as no surprise that the United States of America is the most hated nation on the planet at this moment in time. Blame Bush for that.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov