America creates the major problems of the world

In response to the letter that was published by Cam Henry dated the 30th April, I'm British and although not a fan of the French, it continually bugs me when they are called cowards and wimps by American's who have absolutely NO idea about the history of the world, unless it includes them, in which case they change it to suit them, afterall isn't that the whole point of the Hollywood film studios????

The French held out against extreme pressure in the first world war, especially in a place called Verdun, which, I'll make the assumption that MOST of your American readers have never even heard off.

How can somebody be so blind to the faults of his country????  The major problems that the world is facing are the results of American medeling in previous years.  Afganistan?  American's were being attacked by Stinger missles, where did the Afghans get these from??  Why America of course when they tried to stop the Soviet invasion.  Iraq?  Where did Saddam get his
weapons from?   once again I regrett to inform you that it was America, this so that Iraq could attack Iran.

The world would be a much safer place if America didn't try to act like a bully bossing the world around, they only go in to countries when they have something to gain from it - Iraq, North Korea on the otherhand is allowed to do as it wishes despite openly admitting that they have WMD, which afterall
is all that matters to America, the country with BY FAR THE MOST WMD.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova