Re: CIA analysts predict: Russia will disintegrate into 5-8 states, while the US will prosper.

Dear Editior:
I don't know what Russia will look like 10 years from now, but the prediction by the CIA that US will prosper is hogwash.
1. The US is burdened by a huge ever increasing low IQ underclass that is putting enormous strains on that society. One only has to look at the once great city of Detroit. It has now become a vast sewer of crime and destruction and decay. More and more American cities are falling into decay and ruin. Without a solid tax base to restore them, the decay will only accelerate.
2. With the US rapidly running out of petroleum and natural gas, US agriculture which is based on enormous energy requirements is threatened like never before; especially when it comes to natural gas feedstock to make nitrogen fertilizers. American soils are badly damaged and require more and more energy inputs  to maintain the same yields. The export of large amounts of grain will become quite problamatic.
3. America has become deindustrialized. Since Americans don't save, the capital needed to reverse the trend is not available. Furthermore, the huge foreign and domestic debt loads cannot be resolved and will eventually lead to hyperinflation and /or deflation and bankruptcy of the US. The fiat US dollar will be used to decorate walls in 10 years time.
4. Civil unrest and violence in the US will become more and more common as the different racial groups jockey for scarce resources of all kinds. Those that can afford it will live in heavily protected self-contained environments safe from the underclasses and the vast army of unemployed workers.
5. Within 10 years, the might of US military will be just a memory. America is in decline accelerated by the war on Iraq. All civilizations rise, peak and crash.
That is what I see for the US in 2014.
Andy D. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova